Play bejeweled slotYou’ll be dripping with jewels when you play the dazzling Bejeweled online slots game! Bejeweled is a 5 reel 10 payline online slots game that is based on the popular puzzle game by the same name. There are the shiniest gems you’ll ever see on these reels, and an enormous jackpot prize to be won.

This 888 slots game is one of a kind because paylines run vertically and horizontally. Also, you’ll watch the riches pour in with the special jewel-drop feature! You can enjoy Bejeweled at any one of our recommended casinos so check out the table below and take your pick:

How To Play Bejeweled Slots

Playing Bejeweled slots is much easier than venturing down on a Kimberley diamond mining expedition. Everything is laid out beautifully on your playing screen, so it is easy to understand how to play.

You’ll start out by activating your paylines. Paylines 1-5 run horizontally and 6-10 are vertical. You can activate paylines either by clicking on the lines’ up or down arrow, or by clicking on the numbers on the sides of the reels.

Now it’s time to choose your bet per line. This ranges from 0.05 to 10 per line , so there is a betting option for those who play it safe, as well as for high rollers. This means that you can play without burning a Big Hole  in your pocket! You can increase or decrease your bet by clicking on one of the Bet arrows.

Another option is to choose the Max Lines option, which will play all 10 paylines at the bet that you selected. It will also start the game for you. You won’t even need to click on the Play button.

For all symbols, you need to land a minimum of 3 of a kind to earn a payout. These are the payouts for the symbols of Bejeweled slots:

  • Sapphires – you will win 500 coins if you land 5 sapphires on an active payline, 200 coins for 4 sapphires, and 100 coins for 3 sapphires.
  • Rubies – 5 rubies will earn you 100 coins, 4 rubies pay out 50 coins, and 3 rubies pay out 20 coins.
  • Diamonds – if you land 5 diamonds you will win 20 coins, 4 diamonds pay out 10 coins, and 3 diamonds pay out 5 coins.
  • 5, 4, and 3 of the remaining 4 precious stones pay out 10, 5 and 3 coins respectively.

The wild symbol is the Bejeweled logo and it will substitute for any of the other symbols to help complete a winning combination. If you land 5 wild symbols on paylines 1-9, you will earn 1,000 times the line bet.

Graphics And Sounds

Get ready to shout ‘Eureka’ because you’re likely to strike it rich when you play Bejeweled slots! The Big Hole may have dried up, but when you play Bejeweled you’ll get to experience what it must have felt like to dig up diamonds.  All sorts of sparkling, precious stones appear on the reels – exquisite diamonds, the bluest sapphires you’ve ever seen, rich emeralds, and blood-red rubies, to name a few.

When you click on the Play button, the game will start with exciting sound effects. Gems will drop down onto the reels, each landing with a realistic clinking sound. If you hit a winning combination, you’ll hear some dramatic sounds to announce your win.


The Super Jackpot prize of Bejeweled slots is pretty dazzling! If you’re lucky enough, you can win yourself an incredible 20,000 coins! To earn this prize, you need to bet on all 10 paylines. If you get 5 wild symbols on the tenth payline, you’ll take home the Super Jackpot prize!

Bejeweled gives you lots of opportunities to win a relatively large jackpot prize, which makes it a low volatility slots game.

Special Features

The feature that stands out the most in Bejeweled slots is the jewel-drop feature. Every time you land a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear and the gems from the upper row will drop down into their places. This gives you a chance to win again!

Even though there are no scatter symbols or bonus rounds in Bejeweled, this special feature and the Super Jackpot makes it a very desirable slots game.


Bejeweled online slots is an attractive casino game because it is simple to play, yet has some very exciting, and unique, features. The Super Jackpot prize is large enough to draw you to the game, but is also more attainable than the massive progressive jackpots of other slots games. The jewel-drop feature adds even more glitz to this glamorous game!


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