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Spiderman Marvel SlotSpider-man is no longer available. No worries, with our list of slots games ,there are plenty other slots games you can enjoy, check the best online slots games here!

Spider-man is one of the most popular superheroes in the Marvel universe, and this popularity translates quite nicely into the online gaming world. When you play Spiderman online slots, you’ll recognise some of the most popular characters from the famous comic franchise, including Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and the Green Goblin.

For slots enthusiasts who also happen to love Marvel and are looking for a progressive jackpot game that offers them a chance to win big, Spiderman slots is a great choice.

Playing the Spiderman slot

This Playtech-powered slots game has 5 reels, 25 paylines and offers a range of bets from just R0.25 to R125 per spin. The theme of this particular slots game finds Spiderman going up against one of his archrivals: the evil Green Goblin.

As is the case with some other Marvel Slots games, Spiderman slots has a turbo feature that is great for players who want to speed up their gameplay. There are also two bonus wilds: the Spiderman wild feature turns as many as 4 symbols into wilds, and the Spidey Snapshot mode sees our hero hanging upside down and allowing his picture to be taken, which sets the multiplier for this bonus round. Overall, the game is intuitive and fairly easy to pick up, even if you are new to online slots.

Graphics and sounds of the Spider-man slot machine game

When it comes to visuals, Spiderman continues the legacy of other Marvel slots and provides a very slick experience. Sleek animated characters are portrayed over a vivid backdrop of a city at night, and the text illustration is in line with the Marvel style that comic book fans know and love.

The game plays along to a very exciting yet subdued theme music, and the sound effects are crisp and exactly what you would expect from a slots game with a superhero theme. The visual and audio elements add some fun to the game without being overbearing. The extra modes like Spidey Snapshot and the battles with Green Goblin are particularly well-illustrated, with vivid colours and visuals.

Jackpots for Spider-man Slots

Players looking to win big will also appreciate the Spiderman slot game because of its progressive jackpot. Spiderman follows along with the standard Marvel progressive jackpot structure, which is as follows:

  • R50 for the Power Jackpot
  • R500 for the Extra Power Jackpot
  • R5,000 for the Super Power Jackpot
  • R100,000 for the Ultimate Power Jackpot

This is quite a nice jackpot, and when you consider that the main game itself has a 95.18% payout, it positions Spiderman quite nicely as a game for those who want to earn a nice payday from their online slots. While Spiderman does have a high volatility since the progressive jackpot is so large, there are plenty of smaller jackpot opportunities that hit more often, such as the showdowns with the Green Goblin and the Hot Zone free spins that offer extra wild symbols and a x2 wild multiplier.

Special features of Spiderman casino slot game

There are a couple of great bonus modes available on the Spiderman slots game:

  • Showdowns with the Green Goblin in the Ultimate Fight mode will give players a bonus payment
  • The City Fight feature has Spiderman flying through the city and uncovering bonus symbols with his webs
  • The Rival Free Spins mode starts you off with 10 free spins, but when you begin you spin in a special reel that gives you the opportunity to deactivate the counter and allows you to play with unlimited free spins until it turns back on at random
  • Radioactive Free Spins provides you with a set of 15 spins to start, but extra wild symbols are added to your reels that can also turn non-wild symbols into wild ones, which can increase your payout exponentially

Overall, if you are into big jackpots, classic comic book style, and a sleek visual and audio presentation, Spiderman slots may be the perfect choice for you.

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